Passenger Journey
Our vision: a seamless, secure and efficient walking pace journey that is highly personalized throughout.

Throughout the Journey

Identity Management 

Biometrics are used to confirm identity and enable walking pace processing and passenger tracking throughout the journey.

Booking and Shopping

Flight bookings and orders for goods and services can be made throughout the journey, and are captured as one order. Orders are tracked, fulfilled and linked to the passengers’ digital identity.

Travel Communications

Travel communications are interactive, real time and highly personalized starting at booking and continuing throughout the end to end journey. 


Booking and Shopping 

Bookings can be made through indirect channels (travel agents) or direct channels. Passengers are able to use their digital identity (trusted and secure biometrics and biographical data) to complete their order.
Passengers are able to shop for service or product offers in a seamless way, selecting all possible options and preferences for their trip. Passengers can make personalized preferences for travel bookings, baggage delivery options and ancillary goods/services all within one order. Order status/delivery can easily be tracked throughout their journey. 

Seamless Travel Authorizations 

After booking, validated passenger information is communicated as early as possible to airlines and governments. Airlines confirm directly with governments that passengers have travel authorization (eVisa or ETA, electronic authorization) and are approved for travel on the specific day/trip.

The benefit is that passengers who are not authorized to travel or who require pre-travel information (e.g. vaccinations) will know in advance of travel, and will be able to address any authorization issues before departing for the airport. 


Personalized Pre-Travel Communications 

Travel communications are interactive and highly personalized starting at booking and continuing throughout the entire journey. Passengers can use their preferred mobile app: airline, airport or other.
Enabled by data sharing, this single app will provide passengers with access to a wide variety of reliable information from diverse sources. Travel notifications (instant message or email) will only occur if the passenger provides consent in their chosen app. Alternatively, passengers have the option to pull information from the mobile app as/when required.

At time of booking, passengers can personalize their notifications by selecting from a wide range of airport/airline subscription options (e.g. flight status, gate changes, maps of airports throughout the journey etc.).
To receive push notifications for offers of goods and services throughout their journey, passengers must provide consent for 3rd parties to access their information.

Travel communications also can be pushed to various ancillary service providers such as baggage delivery providers or transport companies (e.g. notification that the passenger is ready to depart for the airport and the bags are ready for pick up).

Pre-travel Disruption Handling 

Passengers will receive personalized disruption notifications and updates if they choose to opt-in. Pre-travel notifications will minimize disruptions by informing passengers of delays or changes prior to leaving for the airport, thereby providing them the opportunity to re-shape their journey in real time. 

Baggage Options 

Baggage will also have an identity that will be tracked throughout the journey. Passengers will personalize the baggage journey by choosing from a range of baggage pick up and delivery options included in their order:

- Some passengers will choose to have their baggage picked up at their home, their office or hotel, while others may choose to drop off their bags at local shop or other designated location

- Other passengers may still continue to drop off baggage at the airport

Passengers can receive ongoing baggage tracking notifications starting at time of pick up and throughout the baggage journey.


At Departure Airport 

Airport Journey 

The airport journey begins with biometric capture and verification of the passenger’s identity which will confirm that travel has indeed commenced (no check-in is required). 
This capture and verification may occur at a variety of airport entry points (car park, terminal etc.) Verification may be “on the fly” or “on the move”. The passenger’s identity will continue to be verified throughout the airport journey and will enable “walking pace” passenger processing.

Order Tracking and "On The Fly" Purchase Options

Passengers will be able to track the delivery of goods and services within their order. If passengers have consented to receiving notifications, they will be offered additional, personalized goods and service options “on the fly” from a variety of suppliers based on their location in the airport. Goods can be tracked and delivered to any location at any time (e.g. duty free direct to home).

Airport Baggage Drop Off  

If the passenger has chosen to drop off their bag at the airport, they will drop their bag (with the built-in bag ID) at a simple bag drop. The bag identity will be linked to the passenger identity. Automated movers (i.e. robots) may also take the bag from the passenger as they enter the airport (at a train station or car park or terminal entrance). 

Outbound Baggage Processing 

A single baggage record will be created and used throughout the entire journey, including all transfer points and at the final destination. A digital record/image of the passenger’s screened baggage will be added to their travel profile. 
Border control authorities at the various airports will use the same digital record and travel profile to clear the bag in advance.

Exit Border Control

At outbound border control, biometrics will be captured on the fly and identity will be verified. Passengers will either be cleared or referred to secondary border inspection.


Personalized Departure Travel Communications 

Notifications will only occur if passengers provide consent for selected subscriptions in their chosen application. Departure notifications will be personalized, relevant, real time and location based.

Notification subscriptions may include:
- Direction assistance (wayfinding)
- Walking time information (point to point distances/times)
- Boarding procedures for a “just-in-time” boarding experience
- Options to pre-select on-board food and entertainment
- Airline lounge access information
- Offers for airport retail goods and services

Security Screening Experience 

Enabled by risk-based screening and improved checkpoint design, the end to end security screening process will be seamless, secure, and fully optimized.  

Risk Based Passenger and Carry-On Baggage Screening

Passengers will pass through an “on the fly” biometric control point. Identity will be verified to permit access to the security screening area and passengers will be directed to the next available lane.

Screening equipment will dynamically adjust so that passengers and carry-on baggage are screened according to their individual risk score for that day/trip:
- Passengers’ belongings will pass through an advanced carry-on baggage screening system to check for concealed prohibited items or explosives. Electronics, liquids and other items will remain inside baggage
- Passenger will proceed at walking pace through a walk-through scanner (there will be no special stance to adopt). The scanner will provide an instant message to operators who will advise the passenger if they are clear to go or if further screening is required.

Departure Disruption Notifications 

If the passenger has chosen to receive disruption notifications they may receive a variety of real time, updated information regarding:
- Flight status changes
- Gate changes
- Changes to connecting flights and gates
- Redirected baggage

Walking Pace Biometric Boarding

Biometrics will be used to verify passenger identity “on the fly” and enable walking pace boarding. Once identity is confirmed, access to the aircraft is permitted.
Agent presence will still be required at the boarding gate for passengers in need of specialized assistance.

Personalized Boarding Notifications

Personalized, “just in time” boarding notifications will facilitate walking pace boarding and provide passengers with more time to use airport services or concessions.



Personalized In-Flight Options 

Passengers will be able to shape their travel experience from their aircraft seat. Reliable in-flight connectivity, will allow the always connected passenger to receive information in real time.

Based on personal order preferences and their preferred communication channels, passengers will be able to:
- Receive real time connection information such as flight status or gate information etc.
- Make changes to their ongoing journey or transfer journey
- Choose entertainment/food options
- Track baggage
- Shop on board for delivery at destination or to the location of choice
- Access arrival airport and destination information, or information regarding other ancillary services (i.e. transportation, hotels, taxis)
- Complete e-declarations for border processing (if required)

At Connection Airport 

Connection Notifications 

Order preferences will enable notifications to be provided to the passenger through their preferred communication channel.
Notifications may include:
- Revised connection information
- Gate change information
- Baggage redirection information 

Connection Flight Rebooking and Communications 

Flight rebooking will be done automatically within the booking order if required. Revised flight details will be pushed to passenger devices and provides the passenger an opportunity to select an alternative.

As a part of baggage order tacking, passengers will receive baggage status updates and redirection notifications (i.e. baggage transferred to new connecting flight).
If passengers have consented to sharing data, changes may also be shared with external parties (hotels, taxi drivers, etc.), so that services can be adjusted to create a seamless experience at the final destination.

Connection Passenger Screening 

Where passenger and carry-on baggage screening undertaken at the originating airport is deemed equivalent, re-screening of connecting passenger may not be required. If re-screening is required, it will be an efficient walking-pace process.


At Arrival Airport 

Walking Pace Arrivals Immigration 

Identity management will enable simplified, walking pace arrivals immigration. Passengers will be pre-vetted based on travel patterns and profile information supplied by entities at the departing airport.
Upon arrival biometrics will be captured “on the fly”, identifying the passenger and any information associated to them. Pre-selected passengers will receive notification to proceed directly to secondary immigration, while others will continue at a walking pace.

Arrivals Baggage Notification

Order preferences will determine the type of personalized baggage notifications:
- Passengers who have selected airport delivery will receive baggage pick up location and delivery time notifications
- Passengers who have chosen off-airport delivery services will have a baggage-free, walking pace arrivals experience. Notifications will confirm the status and delivery time to the location selected by the passenger

Regardless of the baggage delivery option chosen, passengers may be directed to secondary baggage inspection in the event that that bag or the passenger are not granted pre-clearance.

Walking Pace Arrivals Customs 

Identity management will enable simplified, walking pace customs processing. E-declarations will be completed either in-flight or ahead of the journey. Passengers will be pre-vetted and assessed based travel patterns and e-declarations. Upon arrival biometrics will be captured “on the fly”, identifying the passenger and any risks associated to them.

Pre-selected passengers will receive notifications to proceed directly to secondary baggage inspection, while others will exit at a walking pace.

At Destination 

Personalized Destination Communications 

Upon arrival, personalized destination notifications (enabled by data sharing and identity management) can be sent to passengers to shape the rest of their journey. Notifications may include a variety of information such as airport maps, ground transport information, hotel information etc.

Passengers choosing off-airport baggage delivery services will receive status updates and confirmation of delivery.
Destination services will be personalized, easy and intuitive, as notifications will be sent to the passengers to facilitate transportation, accommodation or other services (e.g. the taxi is waiting at designated curb location).




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