Off-Airport Activities
Flexibility in what can happen before and beyond the airport

The vision is that the majority of processes will occur "off-airport" in a location that best suits the customer. This shall happen in both a virtual and physical sense. For many processes, this is enabled by a digital transformation. Activities that historically required a manual check could now occur as a digital process. For those elements which will always require a physical interface, distributed locations throughout cities could be used. This will improve the convenience for customers and alleviates pressure on processing at the airport.

Shopping & Booking

Passenger and cargo customers should have the choice and control of how they would like to tailor the complete journey. The services and product offerings will not be limited to a flight booking. To facilitate this, there will be high visibility of available services whether using direct or indirect channels for shopping and booking. This will supported by integrated order management systems for all services offered.

Travel Authorization and Customs Controls

Travel authorizations and customs procedures will be managed digitally from the time of shopping and booking right through to arrival and for the return. Data exchanges between customers, regulatory authorities and service providers means checks can be made in advance of arriving at the airport. Changes will be communicated to all relevant parties as they are made. This optional pre-clearance approach will be reassuring for customers and enables a risk-based assessment of the physical checks required.


Distributed, Secure Entry Gates and Delivery Locations

Airports should be highly connected to city centers. Locations to drop off or collect cargo and baggage will be numerous, secure, and convenient. Passenger can also commence their journey from secure entry gates within the city which provide access to multi-modal connections. The sector on an aircraft becomes an integrated component of a complete journey which may use several modes of transport (both traditional and new innovative modes).

The Journey



Emerging Themes

Advanced Processing


Interactive Decision Making



Working Together for the Future of Travel