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What does the future hold for air travel?

Air transport is not just about the flight, it’s about the complete journey from home to end destination.

We are working to ensure the transport of passengers, baggage and cargo benefits from the latest technology developments to improve the customer experience, reliability and efficiency.

Examine some of the most probable elements that will transform the complete end to end journey over the next 20 years. Some progressive airlines, airports, service providers and cargo handlers are already trialing these new concepts, some of which will be fully operational from as early as 2020.

Consider the future as these concepts develop from ideas to fully advanced solutions which we will all take for granted as part of our normal travel journey.

Emerging Concepts

Discover the innovations that are emerging. How can you help us drive their development and deployment?

Off-Airport Activities


Advanced Processing


Interactive Decision Making


The Journey

Explore the journey for the four key elements that move through the airport today. Consider a vision for what can happen before travel even starts or during the journey to and from the airport. What will also change at the airport?

Cargo Journey


Passenger Journey


Baggage Journey


Aircraft Journey




Our Objectives

1. Create industry level consensus of the concepts for future airports

2. Determine R&D, standardization or regulatory development needs

3. Roll-out work streams to facilitate making the concepts a reality



Collaborate with Us

This is a true industry level initiative. Working with associations, airlines, agents, airports, service providers, and manufacturers to demonstrate individual concepts, making the best use of initiatives from our full array of working groups and committees.

Together with all our partners we aim to make the best use of New Experience Travel Technologies, NEXTT

Join the discussion to shape the NEXTT vision!

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COVID-19 Impact on NEXTT

The COVID-19 pandemic and the impacts that it has had on travel, passenger trust and airport operations have further confirmed the validity of and the need for the concepts of NEXTT.




Working Together for the Future of Travel